Workshop #2

Don't Look
Backend Anger

Ricardo Čerljenko

Lead Backend Developer & System Admin at Lloyds Design


  • 7h
  • + 1 Coffee break
  • + 1 Lunch


Basic introduction to Laravel PHP Framework project setup and complete overview of API request lifecycle including routing, validation, error handling, database fetching, collections and responses. You will quickly learn how to build your own performant REST API backend with strong validation rules.

In this workshop, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • basic REST principles - methods and endpoints
  • what is Laravel PHP Framework and how it got so popular
  • bare new project setup, folder structure, routes, migrations, models, controllers
  • model relationships and computed properties
  • deep dive into request lifecycle
  • segmenting API endpoints, versioning
  • request validation and error handling
  • all about responses - collections, single model and error
  • combining eager loaded relations into collections for better performance
  • observers and middlewares
  • API auth

This workshop is aimed for beginner to intermediate backend developers or just anybody who's interested in writing server side code with API communication.