Workshop #5

From strategy to UI: Details that make the experience

Elena Crnković

Digital Design Team Lead at Bornfight

Igor Plac

Lead Designer at Prototyp


  • 7h
  • + 1 Coffee break
  • + 1 Lunch


  • A laptop
  • Graphic editing software of choice - suggestions: Sketch or Figma (for the second part of the workshop)

First part - Elena Crnković (Bornfight)

Key to designing extraordinary apps is a well-planned strategy, a game plan, based on understanding business goals and validated user research. In the first part of this workshop we’ll focus on the UX discovery and design, following the step by step process:

  • structuring and conducting user research
  • identifying pain points and opportunities in the user journey
  • defining app requirements and red routes
  • solutions exploration
  • using research data in making design decisions

Understanding your users and their real needs sets up a base for innovative ideas and creating delightful interfaces.

Second part - Igor Plac (Prototyp)

The second part of the workshop is all about making a delightful user experience in real life. UX is more than the ability to use something—it's about the feeling and building relationship with a user. We'll go through all the important points by working on an example:

  • designing personalized content for your user
  • setting up a typographic hierarchy for different UI's
  • presenting your brand personality with layout, illustration, and photography
  • expressing context with simple and functional animation

All those things add up to great user experience and are a sure way to get users excited about using your product.

Target audience

Designers, product managers and everyone else interested in creating great product experiences by exploring user's point of view. Basic to intermediate understanding of user research methods, UX design processes, and visual design.