Labin is a picturesque town on Istrian peninsula, only three kilometers away from the seaside and well-known tourist resort Rabac.

The medieval old town of Labin is situated on a hill 320 meters high. The rich cultural and architectural heritage of Labin is enlivened by number of art ateliers, churches and Town Museum with its miniature coal mine, unique in this part of Europe.

Take your time and wander around narrow streets of the Old Town, have a look at the Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus, peek into the art ateliers, enjoy the view of the surroundings from the Fortica, taste local cousine.

After that you can relax and enjoy a cold drink by the beach in Rabac, take a swim or walk around the coast.

How to get

By plane

The nearest international airport is Pula (30 minutes drive), and for one and a half hours there are Rijeka-Krk and Trieste-Ronchi airports, while Venice, Ljubljana and Zagreb are two and a half hours away from Labin.


By Bus

Numerous bus lines from all parts of Croatia, and some international ones, come to the bus station in Labin. Labin is well connected to Rijeka and Pula and up to ten times a day in the summer months, and several times a day has a direct line with the largest Croatian cities of Zagreb and Split.


By car

Croatia has a good and modern highway system, and it is connected to almost the entire country. From the direction of Zagreb and Rijeka, from the exit from Učka tunnel, 30 kilometers of fast road leads you to Labin. From the direction of Slovenia and Italy, it reaches the border crossing Požana, 50 km away from Labin.

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